Get Your (Self) Tanning On!


Loving Tan is a break- through in the self-tanner industry! It’s safe, easy to use and is the most natural looking tan(No Oopma Loompa Here!). Professional formula, so high quality spray tan results can be achieved. The color guide technology ensures an easy, streak free application every time. With different shades to suit all skin tones, there is a perfect product for every skin tone.

I’m going to be honest! The number one question I get as an Esthetician is directed towards “Anti-aging, how to prevent or treat Fine Lines/Wrinkles and how to get rid of Pigmentation— Are you ready for the truth??? PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN!!! Wear SPF 15-30 daily! and reapply if you are planning to be outside for long periods of time. Don’t be reckless with your skin. Skin Cancer trumps all cancers. I preach to all my clients (and anyone that will listen) Sun-Damage is REAL! A tan on your skin is like a scar. Anti-aging and Sun Worshiping DOES NOT go hand-in-hand. Let that be known. As we get older, pigmentation surfaces from accumulative sun-damage. Anyways!! Complete detour. I believe in loving the sun in moderation and protecting your skin. Which is why I am all for Self-Tanners, especially a mousse formula.

All Loving Tan Mousses are:

3 in 1 containing:

1. Instant Bronzer which gives an instant color plus acts as a fool proof color guide to show where clear active ingredients have been spread;

2. Self Tanner lasting up to 10 days; and 3. Moisturiser to maintain the tan.

Professional formula so high quality spray tan results can be achieved

Quick Dry – dries in 60 seconds.

Natural Olive Color – contains DHA & Erythrulose (to avoid fake orange tones)

Pleasant Fragrance - refreshing and clean scent that consumers love.

Contains Organic DHA with NO Parabens & NO Alcohol.

2HR Express Range – Containing the same technology as a 2hr spray tan. It’s perfect for women in a hurry or those who don’t like to sleep in self tan!

REAL RESULTS! Immediately after.

REAL RESULTS! Immediately after.

Purchase In Studio!

2 HR EXPRESS- $39.95

Deluxe Self Tanning Applicator Mitt-$14.95