My Top Makeup Removers


Don't get me wrong I love wearing makeup, but I also LAUV taking it off! Today I am sharing my all time favorite Makeup Removers and Cleansing Oils. I will be breaking down why I love each products and be linking them for you! I am never out of these because I truly believe in the power of these makeup removers.

(From the top to bottom)

  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - I love these towelettes for both my pro-kit and myself! These are seriously convenient when you are sitting on the couch bingeing on Netflix, while removing your makeup, basically multi-tasking! These are excellent for prepping your clients skin and also perfect for mistakes. They remove any makeup with ease. Get yourself the Costco size!
  2. Target Up&Up Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover - OMG! This is the best ever! These are the end all be all of eye makeup removers, while being extremely affordable. Shake it up and use it with a Q-tip to fine tune your winged eye-liner or to clean up any mistakes. You can literally get this in your eye and it will not sting! I also pair it with the below cotton wipes
  3. Intrinsic Petite Cotton Wipes (linked here)- I use these so much that I buy two bags every time. Not only do I use these to remove my eye makeup (superb for detail removal), but I also use these with my toner, which has been a game changer for my skin! These are amazing for a gentle exfoliation and removing residue after a full day of wearing makeup. You will be surprise how much dirt left over on your skin even after precleansing and cleansing! I Also got Kelvin using these so we are always stocked!
  4. Dermalogica Precleanse - I LOVE a cleansing oil because it creates less tugging on the skin. I use a pump in my hands and massage over dry skin, while adding a little water as I go, turning it to a milky emulsion. It melts everything off, even waterproof makeup! The feel is so luxurious on the skin with a very light scent. Simply rinse off and continue with your cleanser. Try not to get this in your eyes, as it does burn a bit.
  5. Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil - Another cleansing oil I love! I have got this in my eye and it does not burn (Clearly I want to open my eyes a lot when I wash my face, pssh I watch too much Investigation Discovery lol). They both do a excellent job at removing makeup and are used the same way. If I had to pick the between number 4 or 5, I would pick Dermalogica (#4) because it travels better due the locking cap, while being essentially the same price as Boscia.

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